Custom Tables

We create custom commercial and residential tables with live edge or traditional style tabletops. These unique-to-you tables are available in any size you wish, and are built with quality, appeal, and strength being the center point. We’ll listen to your desires and meet you where you are – from concept to completion. If you’re a homeowner or individual building a home, and want a custom-built piece to build your decor around, please make Mountainside Table Company your first stop.’

We specialize in custom countertops, conference, dining, coffee and end tables as well as numerous other natural wood products. Some of the materials used to create our unique tables consist of both custom metal fabricated table bases and uniquely designed wooden bases. Our tables are made of various types of local and imported specialty woods as well as the incorporation of eco-friendly epoxy resins.

It’s incredibly inspiring how each piece highlights the natural beauty of the trees and the infinite variety of forms that the wood can take. It never grows old. Every piece of wood and its grain has unique natural characteristics which can never be replaced by synthetic pieces. We take pride in bringing nature to each client through our projects.

We typically build with Hardwoods including red and white oak, hickory, maple, teak, walnut, and elm just to name a few. In addition, we often use epoxy resin to achieve a striking “river” look that is durable and appealing for the long run.

Design Options


For live edge tops, the wood figure – or appearance – is unique to
each wood slab.


Commonly used along wood that has checking from the
natural process of drying at times.


The layout and design depend on what purpose the piece will serve and the
room it will be placed in. This ranges from large conference room tables
and dining tables all the way down to benches and bar tops.


Custom tables, counters, benches, etc. can be made at any
size to order.


Tables are made with special hardware that allow the piece to be
assembled or disassembled whenever needed to make moving them easier.


  • Routered
  • Live edge
  • Natural square edge


  • All-natural wood top
  • Epoxy and wood combination top (live edge river table)
  • Durable wood or MIG-welded metal base