Custom Wood Bases

We offer custom handcrafted wooden table bases of various designs. Have a slab you’d love to make into a table of your own? I can create the perfect wood base for it to highlight its natural beauty and provide a sturdy, attractive foundation.

Things to consider when building or designing table bases include the following:

  • What type of table will it be: for example, is it an entryway, dining, coffee, side, or conference table, or a desk?
  • How heavy or dense will the table top be?
  • What joint method or hardware will be needed for greatest strength?
  • What will the general height measures be? The best size depends on what type of table it is and what functionality is desired.
  • How wide will the table top be? We need to determine this measurement in order to figure out the footprint of the base needed for optimal stability. (For example: a table top 30” in width would be best suited to have a table base a few inches more narrow in footprint.)
  • What will the total length of the table be? Do we possibly need to add center supports for added rigidity?
  • Will any table aprons or thicker table leg materials be required?
  • Will we incorporate slotted holes in the base for seasonal wood movement? (The answer is usually “yes.”)
  • Will the table need adjustable leveling feet? This depends on the floor surface and table placement.
  • How thick will the table top be? This will directly impact the table base height required.